Student Lectures


Virtual and Augmented Reality (VRAR)

Virtual Reality in Neuroscience(VRNeuro)

A look inside the human body – gait analysis and simulation

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Machine Learning for Engineers: Introduction to Methods and Tools

Machine Learning for Engineers II: Advanced Methods

Reinforcement Learning

Leading by Learning

Becoming an innovative engineer

Selected Topics in ASC – Biomedical Signal Analysis

Interfacing the Neuromuscular system: Applications for Human/Machine Interfaces and Neurophysiology

Data Science Survival Skills (DSSS)

Fantastic datasets and where to find them

Cognitive Neuroscience for AI Developers (CNAID)




Seminar Digital Pathology and Deep Learning (SemDPDL)

Seminar Interventional Imaging and Machine Learning (SemIIML)

Seminar AI for Healthcare: Challenges in Translating Promises into Patient Outcomes (AIOutcomes)