Alessandro Del Vecchio

Neuromuscular Physiology and Neural Interfacing

Andreas Kist

Artificial Intelligence in Communication Disorders

Bernhard Kainz

Image Data Exploration and Analysis

Bjoern Eskofier

Machine Learning and Data Analytics

Claudio Castellini

Assistive Intelligent Robotics

David B. Blumenthal

Biomedical Network Science

Florian Knoll

Computational Imaging

Franziska Mathis-Ullrich

Surgical Planning and Robotic Cognition (SPARC)

Katharina Breininger

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Seung Hee Yang

Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Speech Processing

Tobias Reichenbach

Sensory Neuroengineering


Marlene Reuschel

Managing Director

Juliane Limper

Academic Administration Manager

Nora Manz

Head of Teaching

Alessia Caria

Team Assistant

Antonia Arnst

Team Assistant

Heike Fischer

Team Assistant

Irene Steinheimer

Team Assistant

Leonie Büttner

Team Assistant


Frank Deserno

Head of IT

Brian Knee


Richard Dietzsch

IT Specialist

Jonathan Waldow

IT Specialist

Tim Finke

Fachinformatiker (Auszubildender) / IT Specialist (Trainee)

Reem Hashem

Outreach and Communication

Léa Gauss

Controlling and IT