PhD Perspectives: AIBE’s Conference Explores AI’s Role in Shaping Biomedical Engineering!

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AIBE recently hosted an enlightening conference on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. The event was a dynamic showcase featuring both insightful talks by PhD students and a myriad of posters, collectively covering a wide spectrum of topics. These presentations spanned from the practical applications of AI in assistive technologies and robotics to the contemplative realms of the philosophy of AI.  The discussions explored AI’s impact on our lives, its intricate connection with biomedical engineering, robotics’ influence on human control, neurological nuances in Parkinsonism, and even the psychological ramifications of virtual injuries. Among the showcased research were endeavors involving the construction of open-access datasets for oncology and the exploration of the ethical dimensions of AI alignment. Insights into mental health detection, weather’s influence on preterm births, and the intersection of AI with diverse fields left attendees contemplating the ethical and technological landscape that AI in biomedical engineering continues to shape. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to the success of this year’s conference. We look forward to welcoming you again next year for another enlightening event from the AIBE team!