AIBE’s Prof. Bjoern Eskofier Honored with Unipreneurs Prize for Inspiring Entrepreneurs

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FAU/Kurt Fuchs

In a remarkable recognition of his contributions to both academia and entrepreneurship, Professor Bjoern Eskofier, Chair of Machine Learning and Data Analytics at AIBE, has been lauded as a “role model and inspiration for founders.” This prestigious honor comes from the Unipreneurs initiative, operating under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics.

Fostering Entrepreneurship at the Intersection of Academia

The Unipreneurs initiative seeks out and celebrates university professors who, alongside their academic pursuits in research and teaching, actively promote entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer. These dedicated educators serve as shining examples and motivators for budding entrepreneurs within their respective institutions, ultimately bolstering university spin-offs.

At the recent awards ceremony in Berlin, 20 university professors, carefully selected from a pool of 700 nominations, were bestowed with this esteemed prize. Professor Eskofier’s inclusion among this select group reflects his outstanding commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. We look forward to the continued impact and inspiration that Professor Eskofier will bring to the world of entrepreneurship and academia.

At the award ceremony, 20 university professors received a prize. (Photo: Jürgen Aloisius Morgenroth/Unipreneurs)